Students Supervision

Students Supervised in the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at Linnaeus University, Sweden.
*titles with asteric(*) are my own topics.

PhD Student(s):

  • Kailash Chowdary Bodduluri ( in collaboration with HL Design. Main Supervisor: Arianit Kurti; Co-supervisors: Francis Palma and Ilir Jusufi
    • Title: Leveraging Machine Learning for Multi-shop eCommerce Platform

Bachelor and Masters Theses:

  • *Bugs Prioritization in Software Engineering: A Systematic Literature Review on Techniques and Methods (2022)
  • *The “RESTful” Services: Are they “RESTful” Yet? A Follow-up Study (2022)
  • On Using Machine Learning-based Approaches for Refactoring Identifiers: A Systematic Literature Review (2022)
  • *An Overview of Recent Product, Process, and People Metrics in Software Quality Assurance (2022)
  • *Are Open-Source Systems Developed with Good Code Quality? An Empirical Study (2022)
  • *Are Open-Source Systems Tested Enough? An Analysis of Open-source Unit Testing Practices (2021)
  • Multipurpose Case-Based Reasoning System, Using Natural Language Processing (2021)
  • *Sentiment Analysis of YouTube Public Videos based on their Comments (2021)
  • *Requirement prioritization in Software Engineering: A Systematic Literature Review on Techniques and Methods (2021)
  • *Prioritization of Software Bugs using an SMT Solver (2021)
  • *Interactive Prioritization of Software Requirements using the Z3 SMT Solver (2021)
  • *A Systematic Literature Review on the Methodologies for Detecting REST Antipatterns in RESTful APIs (2021)
  • *Predicting Security Vulnerabilities using Software Code Metrics (2021)
  • *Studying the Relation BetweenChange- and Fault-proneness: Are Change-prone Classes MoreFault-prone, and Vice-versa? by Ahmad Abdilrahim and Caesar Alhawi (2020).
  • *Evolution of Software Documentation Over Time: An Analysis of the Quality of Software Documentation by Helena Tévar Hernández (2020).
  • *Are APIs with Poor Design Subject to Poor Lexicon?: A Google Perspective by Ahmad Sadia and Osama Zarraa (2020).
  • *Do Software Code Smell Checkers Smell Themselves? A Self Reflection by Stefanos Bampovits and Amelie Löwe (2020).
  • Interactive Execution of Non-interactive Test Framework Features: In Collaboration with Ericsson AB by Niklas Eriksson (2020).
  • Multilateration in Direct ShortRange Communications Networks: Utilising Basic Safety Messages and Received Signal Strength Ranging by Andrew Galbraith (2020).
  • *Studying the Relation between Linguistic and Design Quality in RESTful APIs by Edvin Larsson and Jesper Hägglund (2020).
  • *Design Abstraction of IoT REST APIs: Defining Design Patterns by Adell Tatrous and Rasmus Svensson (2020).
  • CRAMO: Continuously Rendered Aerial Maps with Open Data by Andreas Hedin (2019).
  • Evaluation of User Interface to Improve Documentation within the Elderly Care System by Sheila Lindqvist (2019).
  • Estimating the Number of People in an Area: Using Bluetooth and WiFi signals by Alex Naga (2019).
  • *NoSQL Database Selection Focused on Performance Criteria for Web-driven Applications by Zacky Kharboutli (2019).
  • WebAssembly for Web Developers by Olle Lauri Boström (2019).

Students Supervised during Post-doctoral Research in Ryerson University (G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education), Canada.

CKME 136 Data Analytics (Certificate Program in Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics):

  • Farhan Zia
    Title: Twitter Sentiment Analysis in R
  • Garrett Mangulins
    Title: Using Machine Learning to Predict Major Crime Indicators in the Toronto Region
  • Eyasu Yohanis Deresa
    Title: Predicting Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Erma Fernando
    Title: Prediction of Greenhouse Gas Emission
  • Eric Hobbs
    Title: Wal-Mart Weekly Sales Final Project
  • Farhan Iqbal
    Title: Detection of HTTP Botnets by Applying Classification Analysis on DNS Data
  • Hee Jeong
    Title: Movie Recommendation System
  • Francisco Salas
    Title: Sentiment Analysis of Customer Support Twitter Data
  • Elena Wang
    Title: TTC Subway Delay Prediction
  • Evalyn Horemans
    Title: Predicting the Gender of the Speaker from the TED Talk
  • Farrukh Aziz
    Title: Pattern Mining for New Restaurant Demand in Neighborhood
  • Ekaete Czub
    Title: Predictive Analytics on Avocado Prices and Sales Volume in Multiple U.S. Markets

Grad/Undergrad Students Co-supervised during Post-doctoral Research in Concordia University, Canada.

Grad/Undergrad Students Co-supervised during PhD Research in UQAM and UdeM, Canada.